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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 27, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> molly: i thank you to our audience, to everyone for watching and to steve of course. now we head off to phil neville who is filling in for harris faulkner on "outnumbered overtime." musical mythical >> trumpeting that coronavirus vaccines could roll out next week. i'm arthel neville in for harris faulkner. as coronavirus cases arise, he says we are hitting -- on a vaccine telling reporters about efforts to fast-track distribution for high-risk groups. >> president trump: the whole world is snuffling and we are rounding the curve, the vaccine
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is being delivered literally starting next week or the week after. it will hit the front line workers, seniors, doctors and nurses. some have called it a medical miracle. normally it would have taken four or five years to do this. >> arthel: this as medical experts warn about the potential for a new spike in cases. casey stegall is live in arlington, texas, with more on this. >> hi, good to see you. this holiday weekend a pretty grim number, nearly 90,000 americans are currently hospitalized with coronavirus across the country and that is the 16th day in a row the hospitalization records have been broken end of the data shows that nearly 18,000 of those cases are in the icu or critical care beds. doctors are concerned that some hospitals will be push their
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breaking point in coming weeks. following thanksgiving, since many americans went ahead with our holiday plans ignoring advice from the cdc. the meanwhile, drugmaker pfizer is preparing for its upcoming meeting with the u.s. food and drug administration on whether it will be approved in the u.s. >> we don't want to push it, and they will put forth the recommendations of approval or not. >> also on the vaccine front, astrazeneca called it only giving half doses of their inoculations instead of full ones in the last stage and final stage of its clinical trial. so astrazeneca is saying instead of being 90% effective it goes to 62% once the a full dose is
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administered. and they reduce some clinical crop trials. >> casey stegall, thank you very much. meanwhile president trump says he plans to visit georgia next saturday to campaign for republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue ahead of january's high-stakes runoff elections. >> president trump: we will have tremendous crowd to come looking for the right side and would probably love to take one of the great stadiums but you can't because of the covid. that's an outdoor form of probably an airport, and there will be tens of thousands of people show up. >> steve harrigan is live in atlanta with more of this. >> they come to georgia to campaign for both republican
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candidates in january january 5th runoff election, they determine which party controls the senate. there was a lot of wondering about what role the president would play and now he makes it clear he's going to come at least once, december 5th, and maybe more after that. one key question though is where will the president's focus be on his trip to georgia, how much will it be on the two candidates and how much will it be on his own presidential campaign. the president has repeatedly criticized and continues to claim there was massive fraud in georgia's voting process. >> president trump: that's why you have people marching all over the united states right n now. look what's happening in georgia, lots of things are being found in georgia. they are absolutely against showing. >> there were 5 million presidential ballots cast in georgia and they are being counted now for the third time. it's a machine recount expected to end by december 2nd at the second recount and joe biden maintained a lead of more than 12,000 votes. those votes were certified by
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the republican governor of georgia. >> arthel: at steve harrigan live in atlanta. for more on all of this we will bring in hugo gordon, editor and chief of the "washington examiner." so of course president trump had the political power to be a key maker, but will he be effective for the candidates if he continues to make it about? >> that's a great question. there is this sort of strange balance we got where the president is strongly supporting the two republican senators for reelection. he spoke pretty forcefully about them yesterday but at the same time he was talking about a rigged election. i suspect that his trip to georgia, the rally he has and the strong and very straightforward words he says about the two republican senators will probably be very effective for him. remember he had 74 million people vote for him and a lot of
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them favor, support him more than they support the party. what he was showing yesterday as he's going to support them. i think it's going to be more effective than the danger of the sort of implicit suggestion that somehow it's a waste of time voting in a rigged election. >> again, the president will do it, he will put his political weight behind g.o.p. senators leffler and perdue with that trip to georgia next saturday. this while he's calling the secretary of state brad roethlisberger the "enemy of the people" and sort of looking ahead, how do you think this will wear. we see this as the death strategy or political schizophrenia and the president very deliberately use the phrase enemy of the people yesterday
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which was pretty startling. he's obviously enraged by the fact that he is lost and the almost certainty that joe biden will be confirmed by the electoral college. there is the sort of split as you say but the thing is, the party really doesn't want to enraged him and perhaps lose the support of his huge and enthusiastic base. it is split and one that has to manage all the way through the 5th of january when georgia goes to vote for the two senators that will allow the republicans to stay in charge of the senate or else lose it. >> meanwhile the president is saying that the delivery of those covid-19 vaccines should start next week or the week after. we will see if the president timeline averages with the manufacturers. but in the meantime he saying do not let biden take credit for the vaccine. >> president trump: don't let
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him take credit for the vaccines. he failed with the swine flu, don't let him take credit for the vaccines because the vaccines were me and i push people harder than they have ever been pushed before. >> arthel: president trump should rightly so get credit for work speed and incentivize these organizations to safely develop a vaccine. and also picking up the baton that president trump's passing. finally, it's politicizing the vaccine, is it good for the process? >> it isn't good for the process. it's kind of amazing, you are absolutely right that president trump at operation warp speed do deserve some of the credit. and it just to take pfizer come
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they got 100 million dose and operation warp speed, he is going to have to make sure that the thing is done as effective away as possible. president trump can greatly criticize his handling of covid and he -- you said h1n1 but let's stay away from that because i don't have the facts there. >> he tried to make sure it's political. i don't think there's anything yet that joe biden could be prays for but nor is there anything yet that he could be prays for. >> arthel: hugo gurdon, we will keep an eye on it, nice to talk to you. black friday shopping is
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underway across the country but the pandemic is bringing big changes for bargain hunters. we will look at how they are dealing with in person and online shopping. our governors and pledging too much on the rights of america? >> people have a right in this country to worship god and that should not be restricted by arbitrary limitations that the governor has set.
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delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> we are here and it's black friday, trying to see if we can get any deals.
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usually there is a lot more people around and you are more claustrophobic, but this year it's a lot more laid-back. >> sometimes it's very hard, you need to try to maximize your dollar come you don't know what the future holds. >> friday bargains, but like every thing else the pandemic is changing the biggest shopping day of the year. some retail stores operate at 25% capacity and many americans are buying online. garrett tenney is live in chicago with the latest. so you are there and the magnificent mile, as it looking? >> michigan avenue is really the epicenter in the city of chicago and normally on black friday these sidewalks which would be absolutely packed with thousands of people going from store to store. you can see today it's almost like any other day out here. most major retailers didn't open
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up until this morning and some didn't even open up until ten or 11 which is a far cry from what we are used to with stores opening on thanksgiving afternoon. one exception is gaming stores where gamers camped out overnight to try to get their hands on new xbox or playstation systems but other than that this pandemic has changed just about everything about black friday. the cdc lists in person shopping is a high-risk activity and businesses are taking extra steps to try to help folks feel safe. across the country stores are being forced to limit how many customers can be inside at a time and some have introduced virtual cues so you can wait in your car until your turn rather than standing in a long credit line outside. businesses are sanitizing carts and requiring face masks. despite that this holiday season is expected to break records. the national retail federation is it forecasting that holiday sales will increase between three and 5% compared to last year which is a jump of more than $755 billion.
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part of that reason is the belief that they haven't been spending things like they normally would on entertainment and travel so they may look to put that towards themselves or loved ones who had they haven't had a chance to see. >> they want to feel some sense of normalcy. did you do your shopping? >> right after this, i'm going to be on it. >> sounds good. meanwhile, e-commerce is becoming the black friday star with online sales that have skyrocketed, $62.5 billion spent on online shopping this month is up over 32%. adobe analytics says and online spending is expected to grow 33% year after year during the holiday season. now we will go back to chicago. grady trimble is there and he has more on that aspect.
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>> we started our day at target, just about ten people at the door and the reason for that is because this year e-commerce is where it's at. you can get your shopping done from the comfort of your couch. we are at mers apothecary here in chicago, just one of the many businesses taking advantage of the economy. if you look at these numbers from the national retail federation, as like you said that's up about 30% compared to last year. anthony is the owner here and he's also packing up because your sales have tripled in terms of online ordering, right? >> yes. we have stores but as that went down, our online sales of personal care, specialty grooming, beauty products, it went through the roof. so it's keeping a small specialty business and business and we are working hard to get it done. >> we have the retail space in front, tell me what you have
10:19 am
seen in terms of the shifter this year from previous years with online sales? >> what we are seeing is people are more comfortable ordering these products online and we are stepping up our customer service to make sure we are getting them the right products. we are seeing that is happening both, people are ordering at of time in picking up curbside and they are ordering higher quantity of stuff it wants to be able to make sure they get through any lowland availabili availability. >> there are some good sales here on their website and at the apothecary but you might want to wait if you're looking for certain products. even after christmas, if you are looking to buy something like a tool, a power tool rural home improvement products, they want to get the shopping done now. >> arthel: okay,
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merry christmas early. know all-access pass for the l.a. mayor? why some social activists say eric garcetti should not have a seat in joe biden's cabinet. >> some people need to take a nap. some of what we will hear is a more extreme elements of the democratic body and i don't think that was helpful. >> arthel: finger pointing in full force as democrats claim the defund the police movement for that. the power panel on why there is no sign that it's going away. ♪ smooth driving pays off with allstate, the safer you drive the more you save you never been in better hands allstate
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>> arthel: supporters of defunding the police say they are not going anywhere just because joe biden will be the next president. a prominent comic prominent advocate saying what we've heard so far from the democratic party is what they are not going to do, i don't suspect it will be supportive of the main demand from the streets. it's going to be a fight and we are not going away.
10:25 am
this all comes as multiple democrats blame the far left ideas like defunding the police for their disappointing showing in down ballot races. >> this foolishness, that frees, that cost damien harrison tremendously. >> some of them need to take a nap. i don't think that was helpful. >> defund the police. i don't think any are for defunding the police. >> the number one concern that people brought to me was defunding the police. >> arthel: it's time now for our power panel. a fox news contributor is also a radio show host.
10:26 am
and sean saw a former state representative in florida and his party's nominee for state attorney general in 2018, he's also the founder of people over profits. good to have both of you. how much of a headache well that defund the police advocate the most moderate and i interviewed the family of mr. george floyd and they made it very clear, they do not want to defund the police. he also said he embraces the reform, and that's $3 million in funding. what's biden's play on this? >> he's in tough spot, that's the nature of the democratic coalition, to keep us all together. we are present in all areas of
10:27 am
the spectrum, but there has to be some nuance between black lives matter and defund the police. and that's kind of alternatives, black lives matter actually do does, and most of us that do not support defunding the police but it's thrust upon us in a political way, and also signals to the voter that we do not want to abolish the police department across the country. >> i will analyze the political on this, black lives matter with major leaders, mark newsom and
10:28 am
others, and defunding the police and activists, political elected officials in some cases, the squad and others, all went along with this. president -- willis just say candidate biden at the time added an interview, and he is walking a careful political line because it needs to approve to the far left base. >> arthel: david excuse me, let me jump in. are you saying president-elect is pandering the political forces or do you feel -- do you believe he really means he would like to reallocate some funds and that's things that can be take care of.
10:29 am
>> he did what candidates do come i even went back to a few of them before the segment. and that interview is up for everybody to see, he will get various other statements but this is expected and sad because there are real concerns when it comes to community policing that should be addressed. the idea of taking apart the police department and redirecting defunding which is basically the same thing as defunding which you saw in mirror garcetti in california, and that's being called by some, murder-opelousas, as people pay the price, whether they are black or white, it doesn't matter, or any color of skin that paid the price for reducing the police presence and effective policing. there is room for training, there should always be retraining.
10:30 am
>> arthel: shawn, clearly there is a problem. and the president agrees that candidate biden was pandering. how do you see everything that david just said? >> i will say. i believe that black lives matter, i do not believe in defunding the police and i believe that we should explore ways that when something happens in the community and armed police or officer doesn't have a to show up every time. and there are nuances to all of this.
10:31 am
they can't react back to reali reality. we had an atrocious night because defund the police was thrust upon not only upon biden but our congressional candidates and state candidates. we had a bad night because of it. >> arthel: isn't at the duty of the candidate ticket their message across? it's their job to say no, clearly. >> you are exactly correct. at the same thing applies to the socialism label.
10:32 am
and david sean, stick around and i will bring you back later this hour. and while a military dog getting top honors for bravery during an anti-terror operation in afghanistan. his story, i had to. plus the supreme court sided with religious groups in dispute over andrew cuomo's covid restrictions, a former doj official weighs in on what this decision could mean nationwide. >> the governor says for instance that this is irrelevant because it's moot, meaning the restrictions have been lifted. those restrictions could be placed back on in 10 minutes if you wanted to.
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eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. what's around the corner could be your moment. ask your doctor about eliquis. >> arthel: this is a fox news alert, in iran scientist linked to its nuclear program has been killed in tehran. that's includin according to irn
10:37 am
state television. benjamin hall is live in london with the very latest. >> this is a very big deal in iran. he was called the father of iran's bomb and he has been for 20 odd years. he is the man that both secretary pompeo and benjamin netanyahu have mentioned by name and that is a huge blow to the iranian nuclear program. he was ambushed in a wealthy suburb of tehran and the attackers reportedly blew up the truck as he passed with his bodyguards. all five of them opened fire on his car, remarkably audacious operation. the prime minister is already blaming israel and has said the u.s. is seeking war warning that iran would retaliate by "descending like lightning. this is the latest in a series of talks that are struck, stuck at the very heart of iran's nuclear program among the fresh
10:38 am
concern about the amount of enriched uranium that iran is producing. just a few days ago senior officials predicted a very sensitive. in the coming weeks and israeli defense forces were told to get ready for the u.s. potentially ordering a strike against iran before the end of president trump's term although no intelligence of a strike. just under a year ago the u.s. assassinate at the iranian general. back then iran responded with attacking u.s. bases in iraq and at the time many said that the two countries stood on the brink of war, whether iran retaliates now it remains to be seen. certainly if they did retaliate now i will be harder for a biden administration to rejoin the jcpoa like they said they wanted to end there are many u.s. allies in the middle east who would not want them to rejoin that deal. what we have at the moment is an incredibly tense situation certainly over the next couple of months. >> arthel: no doubt laced with many complexities. benjamin hall, thank you. >> i think this was just an
10:39 am
opportunity for the court to express its philosophy and politics. it doesn't have any practical effect. why rule on a case that is moot and come up with a different decision then you did several months ago on the same issue? >> arthel: that's new york democratic governor andrew cuomo publicly disagreeing with the supreme court decision after it ruled that the state overreached in placing attendance limits on religious services due to covid. "the wall street journal" editorial board writing "while the 5-4 order is welcome, it is disappointing that the ruling wasn't 9-0. new york's restrictions on religious worship are so overboard that americans have tolerated extraordinary restraints on their freedom in the pandemic. but it is increasingly clear as we learn more about the virus that too many governors have needlessly infringed on basic
10:40 am
rights. let's bring in tom depree, a former assistant attorney general. governor cuomo says he has already lifted the restrictions in question and like other governors, they would reintroduce restrictions across the board as necessary. do you think this is overreaching? >> while the supreme court basically said to the governor, look. it doesn't matter that you effectively slipped the off switch on the restrictions just a couple days before we were poised to rule. they said there was no guarantee that these restrictions can't be put back in place, that they won't be put back in place. for that reason the court was very willing to and in fact it did decide the case on the merits, or made a prediction that the challengers were likely to succeed under claims under the united states constitution. >> arthel: that's what you are talking about is i think what governor cuomo and some of the other governors are saying. they do want to have access to that so-called switch as the pandemic continues and goes in
10:41 am
waves. so sometimes you can pull back and sometimes you have to be a little more stringent with those restrictions. so how might this play out across our nation? >> i don't think the supreme court was somehow saying to the governor you don't have the power to put an appropriate covid restrictions to ensure public safety. instead i think what the supreme court was saying was when you do this you have to act consistently with the united states constitution and its protection, you can't single out churches, you can't single out synagogues for a special more restrictive limits. that's what the supreme court was saying. again, it doesn't -- you have to do so consistently with the constitution. >> arthel: justice amy coney barrett was the deciding factor so did she succumb to political pressure or was this in line with her decision as a judge which is why she was appointed
10:42 am
in the first place? >> i think that was a very consistent, i don't think it's any surprise to anyone that she takes the first amendment seriously. she applies it according to the original intent of the framers and she looked at the restrictions that governor cuomo had put in place here and said basically they go too far. so i do think it's very consistent with what was understood that she should be bringing to the bench and approach of the law. >> arthel: do you think americans should take any responsibility while we wait for the vaccines to come online and be made available to the masses? >> absolutely. i think people need to act responsibly, and hopefully the vaccines aren't too far in the distant future but from all accounts it sounds like we will have some challenges to get over before we get to that point.
10:43 am
until that day happens, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later, i think there's a great degree of personal responsibility to conduct themselves in a safe manner. >> arthel: and wrapping up, the bottom line is, i certainly believe in church, i'm catholic. i believe in worshiping but i also believe that we all have freedoms and that is the freedom to live. you don't get to take away my freedom to live because you don't want to go by the rules of the scientists are saying, that this is what we need to do to stop this deadly virus from spreading. or perhaps getting any one of us at any moment. >> i think the churches and the synagogues in question were operating safely, they were doing so in an extremely responsible matter that paid attention to the science and were making sure that they didn't jeopardize the health. >> arthel: i will take this time to shout out my high school in new orleans.
10:44 am
same high school that justice amy coney barrett went to so just a little factoid for you, tom dupree. enjoy the rest of your -- i don't know what today is but enjoy it. to one of the biggest airlines is preparing to offer quarantine free flights between the u.s. and italy but there is a catch. more on that coming up. plus a military dog gets top honors for courage and combat. how he truly earned the title of man's best friend. ♪ ly take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need.
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>> arthel: a time for a quick check of the headlines, delta airlines set to launch its first quarantine free flights between atlanta and rome next month, letting passengers avoid isolating upon arrival if they undergo certain tests. new york canceling its annual santa con where revelers that dress jolly old saint nick and hit all the local bars. and, removing several high-profile advisors from the pentagon defense policy board including former secretaries of state henry kissinger and madeleine albright. as the acting defense
10:49 am
secretary says, he looks forward to naming the new board members in the coming days. a military dog injured while supporting british special forces fighting al qaeda has been awarded the u.s. -- or the u.k.s highest military honor for animals. 4-year-old cuno showed incredible bravery in afghanistan. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. i think he can get all the awards, give it to him. i love dogs anyway and these docs are particularly special. >> that's right. this military dog has received a canine medal of honor for saving the life of his british handlers during a daring raid in afghanistan last year. his handler was under fire and unable to move when cuno leapt into action, we are told. the belgians shepard mall and charge through a hail of gunfire
10:50 am
to take out a sniper. he tackled the afghan gunmen and only narrowly survived himself, shot through both back legs. >> he had gunshot wounds to his right thigh and also a secondary gunshot wound that went through his left paw. we had to perform an amputation on that paw, it was unfortunately not able to be recovered. >> major john lowery and lieutenant colonel leo smith of the u.s. army's 149th veterinary detachment, a medical reserve unit sent to afghanistan explain how they worked with their british counterparts to save cuno. >> we were getting volunteers from everywhere just because they had heard what he did. >> arthel: cuno conducted 16 missions over a five months. act. britain's dispensary for a sick animals or pd essay has been honoring the heroism of military animals since world war ii. cuno received at the pd and
10:51 am
metal for valor which was awarded 54 times during world war ii to 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, three horses and a ship's cat for their valiant efforts. he now has two prosthetics for his back legs. >> we received him at croft and we weren't entirely sure he would make the flight. the drugs that they stabilize him with at altitude play tricks on the body. >> he is now happily retired from the british military. >> arthel: and he deserves it, what a wonderful story. almost made me cry but i'm not going to, i got ten more minutes left. thank you. president trump is not a fan of the nfl players kneeling during the national anthem and what he said that's reigniting a controversy. the power panel will slide back in, stick around. musica♪
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. .
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>> a texas father and son make history. wiwinston and christian edmundsn graduating together. first time that's ever happened. here they are on "fox & friends" talking about this special family experience. >> it was actually my dad that gave me the idea. he told me it was kind of something i would be good at. when he told me had signed up. he had gotten the job and he was already enrolled to be in police academy, i didn't want him to jump ahead of me. >> wow. so father and son by the way won't work for the same department. christian is part of the flower mound police department while winston is still considering offers. he wants his son to be his own officer. con congratulations, guys, that's awesome. president trump renewing his criticism of nfl players who kneel for social distancing. after quarterback deshaun watson and matthew stafford were among the players kneeling during the
10:57 am
national anthem that's before the texans and lyons played on thanksgiving day. no thanks. back with the power panel. david webb and sean shaw is here. so, sean, i will start with you. what's the outrage for you? is it that the players knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality on black and brown men or is it that president trump insists they are disrespecting our military although the players say this is not intended to disrespect the military? >> clearly, if the current president in how he views athletes who dare to speak out on social distancing issues and certainly who dare to kneel during the anthem. we all it's clear i thought this wasn't a controversy anymore. the kneeling is a protest of police brutality. it's not to disrespect the country. it's not to disrespect anyone's flag. it's not to disrespect the military. it's for an acute precise
10:58 am
reason. the president knows exactly what he is doing when he attempts to muddy up the motivation for kneeling. >> arthel: what do you think he is doing? >> he is essentially trying to mush these two into an area they are not. he doesn't want to talk about the actual reason the people are kneeling. what he wants to do is stoke up this racial dishammer that has invaded his entire presidency. he has been doing it since the beginning and doing it now. i will listen to a lot of people on harmony before i listen to donald trump. >> arthel: david, if you were to advise the players, is this the best way to convey their deep opposition to police brutality or is there another way to get their voices heard? >> well, it can be both. look, i don't agree with it. i don't like it. i think it's disrespectful, but i will add to that there are many players who i would judge by their statements bike colin kaepernick and others whose statements are exactly
10:59 am
disrespectful. as for the players. >> arthel: disrespectful of what? i'm sorry, disrespectful of what. >> disrespectful of the flag. disrespectful to the american people and to your boss who owns the team but that's your choice; however, they have not carried this forward with actions for a lot of the players. so while these players may want to kneel or sit or do some other protest, what do they do afterwards in the form of action? and i disagree with sean when it comes to the president ginning this up, because before president trump there have been other actions. i have been at this a quarter of a century plus there have been lots of activism by athletes in different ways. this is more than something. it's also based on a lie. the lie by the data that disproves it there is not an epidemic of shootings of black men by police above all else in this country. >> arthel: all right. you know what? i have to leave it there guys
11:00 am
because i'm out of time. i'm sorry, sean, i didn't give you more chance to talk but i'm out of time. thanks to both of you for being here today and thanks to everyone. thanks for watching, enjoy the rest of your weekend. i'm arthel neville, "the daily briefing" starts right now. >> president trump making some big news on multiple fronts. hello everyone i'm alicia acuna for dain. welcome to a special edition of the daily briefing. ♪ ♪. he said he will be heading down to georgia. which party controls the senate. we have team fox coverage. pete hegseth is standing by with reaction. steve harrigan is live in atlanta. let's begin with kristin fisher reporting live from the white house. hi


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